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  • International flights require check-in 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.
  • Domestic flights require check-in 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.
  • Seats for passengers who have not checked in by flight closure time may be released.
  • In order to maintain an on-schedule operation, aircraft may depart prior to scheduled departure time (after flight closure).
  • For flights departing from un-staffed locations (i.e., seaplane docks in the San Juan Islands or British Columbia, excluding Victoria), passengers are required to be at our designated pick-up location 15-20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time to accommodate unforeseeable variations in flight time.

Seaplane Baggage Allowance

  • Seaplane passengers are limited to 25 lbs. (11kg) total baggage weight per person, regardless of the number of bags.
  • All items are weighed and count toward the allowance — including hand-carry items such as purses, laptops, backpacks, etc.
  • No single item may exceed 50 linear inches (127cm) (length + width + height); this equates to a standard 10 in. x 16 in. x 24 in. (25cm x 41cm x 61cm) carry-on bag as permitted on the major airlines.


Wheeled-Aircraft Baggage Allowance

  • Wheeled-aircraft passengers are limited to 50 lbs.(23kg) total baggage weight per person, regardless of the number of bags, plus one additional personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) of up to 20lbs. (9kg) per person.
  • No single item may exceed 50 lbs. (23kg).
  • No single item may exceed 62 linear inches (157cm) (length + width + height); this equates to a standard large-size suitcase but is smaller than the largest "cruise-style" suitcases.
  • No personal items may exceed 36 linear inches (91cm)  (length + width + height).

Baggage Fees

All baggage conforming to the baggage allowances specified above for each mode of service travels without additional charge. Due to limited baggage capacity in our small aircraft, we strongly encourage passengers to limit themselves to the baggage allowances specified above. However, in the event that excess baggage is required, the following services are available:

  • Excess baggage presented at check-in will be flown on a strictly stand-by basis for a fee of $1/lb. ($2.20/kg) above the allowance for the mode of service. This fee is assessed separately for outbound and return flights. "Stand-by" means that the excess baggage flies only if capacity is available, and excess baggage that is accommodated on outbound flights is not guaranteed to be accommodated on return flights.
  • Guaranteed carriage of excess baggage may be reserved in advance according to the fee structure in the table below by calling Customer Service at 866.435.9524.

 Mode of Service Route50 lbs. (23kg) or less51–150 lbs. (24–68kg)
  Seaplanes San Juan Islands & Victoria                 $75                  $147
  Gulf Islands                $150                  $205
  Middle Inside Passage
(Nanaimo to Dent Island)
               $150                  $305
  Northern Inside Passage
(Blind Channel to Port Hardy)
               $150                 $398
 Wheeled Aircraft  Eastsound & Friday Harbor                  n/a                  $126
                  n/a                  $179
  Port Angeles                  n/a                   $101

  • Golf clubs may be accommodated under the following parameters:
    • One ‘Sunday Bag’ with a total weight of 25 lbs. (11kg) or less may be carried per passenger in addition to the standard baggage alllowance. This is a lightweight nylon bag holding approximately 6 clubs.
    • Advance reservations must be made specifically for your Sunday bag. A prepaid fee of $25 per segment applies. This will be listed on your eTicket confirmation, once the advance booking is complete.
  • All excess-baggage fees listed above are inclusive of tax.
  • Complimentary, short-term baggage storage is available at the Seattle Lake Union and Kenmore Lake Washington terminals.

Fare Rules

  • We offer three classes of standard fares: GoFare, ValuFare and WowFare. GoFare is the default fare. ValueFare is a discounted fare with advance-purchase requirements available on select routes. WowFare is a specially discounted fare on select seats on select flights. 
  • For all cancellations made more than 24 hours prior to flight departure, the value of cancelled flight segment(s) will remain available as flight credit for a period of 18 months.
  • A change made more than 24 hours prior to flight departure is subject to any difference between the fare originally booked and the prevailing published fare for the new flight segment(s).
  • A change or cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to flight departure will result in a full forfeiture of the fare.
  • Government fares are available. Flights booked at government fare may be changed or cancelled at any time and are fully refundable. Contact the Customer Service group at 866.435.9524 to book government fare.

Missed Flights

  • Missing a flight – defined as failure for any reason to check in prior to flight closing – results in full forfeiture of the fare for the missed flight segment regardless of fare class (with the sole exception of government fare, which is fully refundable at any time).
  • Passengers missing a flight may fly stand-by on the next available flight over the same route at no additional charge.
  • Passengers affected by major-airline flight delays into Sea-Tac Airport are strongly encouraged to contact our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524 at first indication of a delay. Our Customer Service Agents are available to discuss contingency options.

Safety & Weather

  • Safety is our paramount concern and all flights are conducted weather-permitting.
  • If your flight is canceled due to weather, you will have the choice of accepting a full refund or full flight credit for the canceled flight, or rescheduling on the next available flight.
  • Incidental expenses incurred due to weather delays or cancellations are the full responsibility of the passenger. These include but are not limited to re-accommodation penalties from other airlines, meals, overnight accommodation expenses and passenger-arranged alternate transportation.
  • All passengers, baggage and cargo traveling on any Kenmore Air flight or shuttle or within the confines of any Kenmore Air facility are subject to search at the discretion of Kenmore Air.
  • Kenmore Air has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


Sea-Tac Airport Shuttles

·         Kenmore Air offers scheduled ground shuttle transportation between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and the following Seattle-area terminals:

  • Seattle/Boeing Field — $10/person each way
  • Seattle/Lake Union — $15/person each way

  • Scheduled shuttles must be booked in advance. To book shuttles online, select "Seattle/Sea-Tac International" as your origin or destination. Our system will automatically book the proper shuttle(s) corresponding with your flight(s).
  • Sea-Tac Airport shuttles drop off and pick up at Door 00 in the Scheduled Airporter waiting area at the far south end of the Baggage Claim level.
  • Passengers must check in with our agent at the clearly marked Kenmore Air counter inside the Door 00 waiting area at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled shuttle departure time. Shuttle check-in times are shown on your eTicket.
  • Passengers must claim their baggage from their inbound flight prior to checking in for their Kenmore Air shuttle.
  • Our agent will make an announcement prior to the shuttle’s scheduled departure. However it is the passenger's responsibility to be on the shuttle at the scheduled departure time. Please note that the shuttles themselves are not visible from the indoor waiting area at Door 00.
  • While transiting between Kenmore Air terminals and Sea-Tac Airport, passengers are solely responsible for their belongings.

Sea-Tac Airport Connections

  • For passengers connecting to a Kenmore Air shuttle following an arrival at Sea-Tac Airport, Kenmore Air recommends the following minimum connection times between airline arrival time and Kenmore Air shuttle departure time:
    • For domestic arrivals, at least 60 minutes.
    • For international arrivals, at least 90 minutes.
  • For passengers connecting to a flight following a Kenmore Air shuttle arrival at Sea-Tac Airport, the Port of Seattle recommends the following minimum connection times between Kenmore Air shuttle arrival time and flight departure time:
    • For domestic departures, at least 90 minutes.
    • For international departures at least 120 minutes.
  • Please remember, you must check in with your airline, check bags, and clear TSA security after the arrival of our shuttle at Sea-Tac Airport.
  • Travel planning is at the full discretion of the passenger. Tight connections will often result in taxi expenses and/or reschedule fees for missed flights. Kenmore Air assumes no liability for expense or inconvenience arising from missed connections.

Passengers with Special Needs

  • Due to the small size of our aircraft, Kenmore Air is exempt from the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nevertheless, we are committed to treating all our customers with dignity and respect and to accommodating special needs to the greatest possible extent. Please discuss any special needs with a Customer Service agent at 866.435.9524 prior to booking.
  • Passengers must be physically able to ascend/descend Kenmore Air aircraft stairs/ladders with minimal assistance.
  • Wheelchairs generally do not fit in our aircraft.
  • Wheelchair service at Sea-Tac Airport must be arranged by the passenger through their connecting airline. Please visit Port of Seattle for more information on accessibility services.
  • FAA-approved medical oxygen generators may be carried aboard Kenmore Air flights; however in-flight use is not permitted. Compressed oxygen is not permitted on board at any time.
  • Passengers with active service animals must make advance arrangements by calling our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524. For the comfort and safety of our passengers, we maintain a limit of one pet per flight.


  • One infant under two (2) years of age may be carried free on the lap of an adult passenger paying full fare. To add a lap infant to your booking, please contact our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524 prior to your date of travel. Proof of age will be required at check-in on all routes. Passports are required on international routes. Please note there is no separate baggage allowance for infants traveling on adults laps, though the weight of the infant does not count against the adult's baggage allowance.
  • FAA regulations require that any child two (2) years of age or older must occupy his or her own seat, and this requires payment of a full fare. Kenmore Air is unable to offer discounted child or youth fares.
  • An adult must accompany all children ages ten (10) years and younger.
  • Unaccompanied minor service is available for children between the ages of eleven (11) and fifteen (15), inclusive. Please allow additional time to complete the Unaccompanied Minor Form upon check-in and arrival.
  • Children sixteen (16) years of age and older are accorded the rights and responsibilities to travel as adults.
  • It is the sole responsibility of a child’s parent/guardian to determine his/her suitability to travel alone.
  • Canadian Border Services Agency require additional documentation for any minor children entering Canada unless accompanied by both parents or their legal guardian. Government of Canada provides resources on this topic including a recommended consent letter.
  • Kenmore Air is unable to transport children on our Sea-Tac Airport shuttles who intend to check in as ‘unaccompanied minors’ on another airline departing from Sea-Tac Airport unless they are accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.
  • When planning your trip with children on Kenmore Air, please consider that many play yards, and larger car seats may not fit in our aircraft. Umbrella strollers and infant car seats can generally be accommodated. Larger strollers and car seats for older children cannot be accommodated. All such items count toward the accompanying adult passengers’ standard baggage weight.


  • Cats and dogs are welcome aboard Kenmore Air flights. However, for the comfort and safety of our passengers, we maintain a limit of one pet per flight.
  • The pet must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless, and require no attention during transit.
  • All cats must travel in a small, soft sided, duffel-bag style carrier.
  • Most dog kennels will not fit in our aircraft on our scheduled service flights, however, charter service may be an option. Please contact a charter specialist at 866.359.2842 to discuss options. For passengers transiting through Sea-Tac Airport, kennel storage is available at Ken’s Baggage and Storage.
  • Pet immunization records and a health certificate are required on international routes.
  • Kenmore Air does not offer unaccompanied pet transport services.
  • Advance reservations are required for all pets, regardless of size or weight, and fees may apply, according to the table below. Arriving for your flight without advance reservations for your pet may result in unanticipated fees or denial of boarding. Your pet will be listed on your emailed itinerary. To add a pet to your booking, please contact our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524
 Pet WeightSeaplanes
(Year-Round Routes)
(Seasonal Routes)
Wheeled Aircraft
(Domestic Routes)
Wheeled Aircraft
(International Routes)

 25 lbs. (11kg)
 or less
                                          No fee; counts toward standard baggage allowance
  26–50 lbs.
 $75 each way  $150 each wayNo fee; counts toward standard baggage  allowance
  51–75 lbs.
                        Standard adult fare  $75 each way $120 each way
 > 75 lbs.
                                                                 Standard adult fare


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Restricted Articles

Kenmore Air is prohibited from transporting hazardous goods as outlined in US DOT CHART 15 Hazardous goods include but are not limited to flammable or compressed gases, flammable liquids, poisonous and toxic substances, corrosives, explosives, infectious substances, dry ice, and other dangerous goods.

Customs & Immigration

  • All travelers — regardless of age or citizenship — flying between the United States and Canada in either direction are required to present a current, valid passport book or a US Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551).
  • Non-US or -Canadian citizens may also require a visa or a visa-waiver authorization number (ESTA Travel Authorization).
  • Kenmore Air is prohibited from accepting documents such as passport cards, NEXUS cards, and enhanced driver’s licenses, even though they are acceptable at some border-crossing locations.
  • All travelers flying between the United States and Canada are subject to customs inspection including search of their persons and baggage.
  • There are certain crimes that are considered misdemeanors in the United States but are felonies in Canada. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are common examples. If you have been convicted of any crime, you may be denied entry into Canada. Please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information on inadmissibility.
  • Canadian Border Services Agency require additional documentation for any minor children entering Canada unless accompanied by both parents or their legal guardian. Government of Canada provides resources on this topic including a recommended consent letter.
  • It is each passenger’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is in compliance with all applicable regulations for the country he/she is entering. In the event that you are denied entry into the United States or Canada for any reason, you are liable for the cost of your return flight to the country of origin. Kenmore Air cannot be liable for any expenses or inconveniences arising from denied or delayed entry.
  • Please see our International Travel FAQ for more details.


  • Charter estimates are subject to change. Written quotes will be honored without change for (30) days from date of the estimate.
  • A credit card is required to secure a charter reservation. The balance due is charged in full (30) days prior to first flight date or at time of booking, whichever is last.
  • Any changes to a booked charter — whether of date, time, aircraft type, party size, route, stand-by time or other parameters — will be accommodated without additional charge at Kenmore Air's sole discretion. Clients acknowledge at time of booking that changes may result in additional charges.
  • Charters may be canceled without penalty up to fourteen (14) days prior to flight date.
  • Cancellations made between one (1) and fourteen (14) days prior to flight date are subject to a penalty of 25% of the total charter charge.
  • Same-day cancellation or no-show results in full forfeiture of the charter charge.
  • International charter flights require check-in 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. 


Kenmore Air will not share any personal or private customer information with any person or organization outside of Kenmore Air, except as required by U.S. or Canadian law.

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International Tariffs

Kenmore Air is required by Transport Canada to post the following tariffs containing rules, rates and charges for the transportation of passengers and baggage between the United States and Canada on both scheduled and charter service.

 Tariff for Scheduled Service

Tariff for Charter Services

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