Our Customer Appreciation program is tailored to our customers’ unique travel needs and expressed interests in a meaningful frequent flyer program. If you fly with us frequently, we’d like to thank you for your loyal patronage and here’s how.

For the period November 1 – October 31 annually, Customers who purchase a minimum of $3000* in flights on our scheduled San Juan Islands and Victoria routes, during the period, will be recognized with a flight voucher for every $1500* spent, valid on our scheduled flights between Seattle and the San Juan Islands or Victoria.

* calculated on the base fare, accrued annually. Accruals are based on individual passenger names.

No action required. We’ll take care of the details.

In recent years, frequent flyer numbers have become the focus of flying.
At Kenmore Air, we don’t see it that way. You are not a number. You are a good customer who just happens to use our service with frequency and we’d like to thank you for it. Our goal is to acknowledge your frequent use of our services, in a simple and meaningful way. No numbers to remember. No statements to track. No hassle, just straightforward recognition.

Go explore! Flight vouchers are valid for one-way travel on any of our scheduled service flights between Seattle and the San Juan Islands or Victoria. You decide where your next adventure takes you.

To redeem, contact us at 866.435.9594 and reference your flight voucher number. If you already have an online customer profile you may book flights using your flight vouchers simply by accessing your online profile and selecting ‘Click here to redeem'.

Flight vouchers are issued each year in November, are fully transferable and expire one year after the date of issue. Please contact our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524 should you have any additional questions about the program.

Flight vouchers for the period November, 2014 – October, 2015, were issued in November, 2015.