From biscuits to egg-infused Vietnamese cuisine, these Seattle brunch spots will fill your belly with weekend goodness worth putting on pants to enjoy. 

Brunch –  the simple meal that teeters the line between savory and sweet in such a lusciously indulgent way it makes us swoon. It’s the meal designed for lingering, for curing hangovers, and for starting the day with a glass of spirit-infused juice.

In Seattle, brunch has earned a sacred place among the hearts of biscuit and bacon lovers. And really, can you blame folks for celebrating a meal that makes them want to get up and wear pants on days designed for sleeping in?

We can’t. In fact, we relish a good brunch. Which is why we’re sharing a few of our favorite spots.


The Wandering Goose

Toss the pancakes, but save the buttermilk. This nursery rhyme inspired joint is baking up tangy, buttermilk-leavened biscuits that will make you swoon. In fact, a healthy section of their blackboard menu outlines your choice of biscuit sandwiches. Selections range from traditional butter and jam to fried chicken and pickles. If runny yolks are your brunch go-to, they also offer a variety of poached-egg topped skillets.

Coastal Kitchen

Though service is prompt, saddling up to the bar at the Coastal Kitchen adds an extra layer of intrigue. It’s an eclectic and hardworking bunch who are shaking and stirring any number of morning cocktails. (One of our personal favorites is the Spicy Bloody Mary.) The standard brunch menu includes a locally-beloved gingerbread waffle and a consistently satisfying plate of huevos rancheros. However, keep an eye out for the specials. The kitchen has a tendency to throw down some pretty epic day-of goodness like butternut squash hash topped with a poached egg.

 Vietnamese iced coffee at Stateside is a multi-glass, creamy bomb of caffeine treat.


Typically a dinner destination, Stateside brings their Vietnamese-inspired cuisine to the mid-day weekend muncher. Though not overly large, the brunch menu infuses their regular flavors of bright pickled veggies and slow braised meat with eggs. You’ll find a lime leaf sausage banh mi loaded with scrambled eggs. A crab and fish dumpling soup is topped with a quail egg. And, the drinks here don’t disappoint – including their Vietnamese iced coffee. A multi-glass treat – it’s a creamy bomb of caffeine.


E. Smith Mercantile

Past the stuffed heads and old antlers, E. Smith Mercantile’s Back Bar features an all-day brunch. You know, in case you need to get your brunch on at 6 PM. Their menu is primarily dominated by spirit-infused caffeine drinks. But, they also offer a few nibbles that’ll make you lick your plate. The baked eggs topped with housemade ricotta is a personal favorite.