There were more evenings in my early adult years when I binged on Gilmore Girls than I’d like to admit. And, I don’t think I’m alone. From Rory and Lorelai’s love lives and witty banter to their style and incredible appetite – they allowed us to step into the very best bits of small town charm – the bits you’re likely to find in Friday Harbor.

As we Gilmore Girls fans celebrate the revival, can’t you just imagine Rory and Lorelai relishing the quaint island get away? From the friendly nod between islanders to the locally-owned shops – I can picture them nibbling their way from event to event and shop to shop.

Noodle Bowl Monday at the Backdoor Kitchen

During summer and fall, they’d visit the Backdoor Kitchen for Noodle Bowl Monday. They’d talk with their chopsticks over steaming bowls, shovel noodles in their mouths, and slurp the rich broth. All the while, they’d never get a drop of food on their perfectly composed outfits. (If only I could be so indulgent and elegant at the same time!)

They’d stroll through the farmer’s market, hop over to Orcas Island’s Eastsound for the Shakespeare festival, and spend afternoons on the dock feeding Popeye – the Friday Harbor Marina’s beloved seal.


In the spring, the two gals would drive to Lime Kiln State Park. They’d sit on the bluff beside the lighthouse and wait for the orcas to say hello. They’d create their own whale song, a chant that they’d repeat over and over.

And while Rory and Lorelai would love spring, summer, and fall, it would be winter in Friday Harbor that the Gilmore Girls would relish. They’d spend lunch lingering over scratch made soup and hearty sandwiches at the Market Chef. They’d wander through WaterWorks Gallery (on the very few winter days it’s open) and the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, humming and hawing over each piece.

Rory would get lost in Serendipity looking at used books. Lorelai would try on every item at the Be Chic Boutique. And, each gal would have their own coffee order at the Latte Shop. (Also known as The Wolds Skinniest Latte Shop, it’s located near the corner of Spring and 1st.)

Donuts at the Lime Kiln Cafe

On the weekends they might venture over to Roche Harbor’s Lime Kiln Café, stand in front of the cash register, and debate which sprinkled donut had the most sprinkles. Then, they’d work their way back to Café Demeter for a freshly baked muffin and a slice of their daily pizza.

Cafe Demeter

They’d take advantage of the ‘slow season’ to create a Cheese Olympics at San Juan Island Cheese.  They’d sit at the Blue Water Bar & Grill during happy hour and judge the ferryboat captains on their docking skills.

San Juan Island Cheese

Oh, how Rory and Lorelai would love Friday Harbor.

Guess we’ll just have to enjoy it for them.