Born and raised in the Victoria area, Megan O’Shaughnessy wasn’t interested in leaving. This University of Victoria graduate was smitten with her city. And she still is. As a city walking, bicycle loving, outdoor enthusiast, Megan loves to explore.

She often traverses Victoria’s beautiful countryside, dabbles in the thriving music scene, and frequents the city’s wide array of restaurants. So it comes as little surprise that Megan knows Victoria like the back of her hand. Which is a good thing, because as the Sales Coordinator at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort, she often needs to give visitors tips about where to go and what to do.

Tucked on the northern side of Victoria’s Inner Harbor, the resort offers the quintessential Inner Harbour view. It looks upon the Fairmont Empress, Parliament Buildings, and Victoria Seaplane Terminal. And it was this view I recently enjoyed with Megan as she shared some insights about her fair city.

As a Victoria native, what is it you love about your city?
It’s so beautiful and walkable. I live downtown and I walk everywhere. I don’t even have a car. It’s fantastic.

Where do you like to eat around town?
Lure is wonderful for lunch, it has great views, and a fantastic happy hour. It’s fantastic. I actually come here all the time. One of the really fun ways to visit Lure is on the Pickle Pub Crawl.

The pub crawl is a summer event put on by the Victoria Water Taxis. The taxis operate within the Inner Harbor. They look like small pickles, so people call them ‘pickle boats.’ You buy a pass and you get to visit different waterfront pubs and restaurants. 

It is so much fun. At each stop when you buy a drink, you get a free appetizer for every party of four. And the places along on the route are good. They are the ones we locals actually go.

Beyond food, what do you like to do?
I cycle. And a lot of people here do. Victoria is a really bicycle friendly city with a lot of trails. So biking is a great way to get around, see the city, and explore beyond the city.

For example, the Galloping Goose Trail is one of my favorites. It’s a network of cycling paths that basically go everywhere in Victoria proper and beyond. It actually goes out as far as Sooke. You can spend about a day cycling out there and you’ll find beautiful, sandy beaches. They are so sandy you’ll be surprised you’re on the West Coast.

Do you have any less strenuous activity recommendations for those who want to lay low?
Live music. Victoria has an amazing live music scene. During the summer there are a lot of outdoor concerts. And year round, there are all sorts of really neat venues and bands who come play.

Where to go can vary from night to night. But the Copper Owl is a pretty fun one. It has an interesting vibe with live music and local bands that play there all the time. 

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