“There will be a sticky note on the driver’s side window, the door will be unlocked, and the key will be on the floor mat,” Ed from Orcas Island Rental Car told me.

Yes. You read that right. I can tell you from personal experience, the door to your rental car will indeed be unlocked and the key will be on the floor! 

If that’s not a warm welcome to small town America, I don’t know what is!

Your Orcas Island rental car will be unlocked, with the key on the floor and a sticky note on the driver's side window when you arrive.

Orcas Island Rental Car might just be the quaintest rental car experience you’ve ever had. The cars aren’t brand new. Don’t expect to stream music through your phone over the stereo system. But they’re clean. The tank is full. And, there’s a bottle of water and a snack in the cup holder, in case you're famished when you arrive.

Quick Word to the Wise: Make sure the sticky note has your name on it. If not, you’ll be stealing someone else’s car!

Another great thing about Orcas Island Rental Car is that you can get a car wherever you need it on the island. Landing at Eastsound Airport? They have three permanent stalls there.

Arriving by seaplane at Rosario Resort? They’ll drop off a car for you in the parking lot. Staying with a friend, near the old covered wood bridge on the south side of the island? Not to worry.

Exploring Orcas Island

As Ed explained, “Anywhere you need a car on the island, we’ll deliver it.” 

Where you go after that is completely up to you! Just make sure you fill up the tank before you bring it back to avoid the hefty $10-per-gallong refill charge.

Plan Your Trip! 


Great Orcas Island Drives

Mount Constitution

Standing at 2,398 feet, Mount Constitution is the tallest peak in the San Juans. It also happens to be one intense hike. Luckily, you can drive to the top.


Orcas Island Pottery

Located on the west side of the Island, Orcas Island Pottery is an active pottery studio and gift shop. It’s tucked on the side of a bluff overlooking President’s Channel and Waldron Island. Each hand-thrown, hand-glazed piece is one of a kind. The drive takes you past lush farmland and through a thick forest.


Deer Harbor

Deer Harbor offers another beautiful drive, taking you past Turtleback Mountain and West Sound – including several scenic beaches perfect for a picnic!