Kenmore, WA – AVIC will debut the first Chinese made seaplane in the US. Using innovative designed floats by EDO Floats, and with their co-operation to obtain US and Chinese airworthiness certification, the Y-12s will be fully transformed into amphibious aircraft. The transformed Y-12s certified under FAA and CAAC will increase their competitive edge in the international arena.

AVIC has ordered 100 sets of floats from EDO Floats. The revolutionary floats will be made of carbon fiber, which is more reliable, durable, lighter plus more resistant to corrosion.

AVIC’s aggressive expansion in the last two years has seen it extend its seaplane bases from Zhejiang, to Fuzhou and along the South Eastern costal areas. It intends to widen its seaplane bases to cover the Pearl River Delta Region and Yun Nan province. A strong fleet of seaplanes is therefore imperative for AVIC’s expansion plans.

EDO Floats is a subsidiary of Kenmore Air, the largest seaplane operator in the US. It has over 50 years of experience in constructing, repairing and rebuilding floats, as well as strategic partners worldwide and expertise in airworthiness certification. The floats will be manufactured in the Pacific Northwest. This cooperation with EDO will bolster AVIC’s position in the seaplane industry.

The transformed Y-12s are scheduled for completion in 2017. It will be the first testament of its kind – Chinese manufactured amphibious twin engine aircraft to meet international standards for both technology and certification. It will also be the first medium to large seaplane to use carbon fiber floats.