Fall is just around the corner. The San Juans are getting ready to kick off one of our favorite events of the year – Savor the San Juans. We could go on for hours about why we love "Savor the San Juans" that takes place September 22 -  November 1, but for the sake of time, here are our top seven reasons:  

1. The Pace

Throughout the summer, the islands buzz with locals and visitors. Shop keepers, chefs, vintners, and artists are constantly going full tilt to keep up with demand. As fall hits and the summer rush subsides, the islands slow down. There’s more time for lingering chats, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the unique residents.

2. Sunny Weather

With 247 average days of sunshine, you’ll get plenty of Vitamin D in the San Juans. (That’s nearly double the sunny days Seattle gets!) This is due to the “rain shadow” effect created by the Olympic Mountains to the south.

fall colors

3. Stunning Fall Colors

Though still sunnier than Seattle, fall does bring a bit of rain, for which we are grateful. Because the rain does wonders for the San Juan Islands’ natural habitat as the golden-brown hillsides give way to green. The trees turn and the pumpkins grow plump. It’s a stunning sight to behold.

4. Creative Menus

The remote nature of the San Juan Islands makes farm-to-table cooking a necessity for chefs. For patrons, this means menus loaded with fresh ingredients. And during the fall, when crowds don’t require restaurants to turn tables quite so quickly, chefs can flex their creative muscles.


5. Impeccable Wine Pairings

During Savor the San Juans, chefs and vintners often work together to create impeccable wine pairings. At Doe Bay, Chef Jon Chappelle, is creating a 5-course dinner featuring natural wines from Owen Kotler Selections & Indie Wineries. At Coho, Chef Bill Messick is working on several wine-inspired dinners. And at Ursa Minor, Chef Nick Coffee will be offering a fall harvest tasting menu with optional wine pairing. 

6. Lodging Specials

With the culmination of the summer rush, many of the island’s hotels and bed-and-breakfasts offer lower rates. From discounts to free nights, fall is a great time to visit the San Juans for less.

7. Fun Activities

From a celebratory bike-n-brew festival to a full-day TEDx symposium, the San Juans will host a wide variety of inspirational events for both the mind and the spirit. There will be farm tours on Lopez Island, Orcas Island, and San Juan Island. You’ll enjoy access to film festivals on Orcas Island and San Juan Island, community parades, and a plethora of farmers’ markets.

Start Your Vacation on the Dock

Who wants to fight traffic or wait for the ferry? Don’t waste time. Start your vacation on the dock. It’s just a 45-minute scenic flight to San Juan Island, Orcas Island and Lopez Island from Seattle. Plus, our Lower Fall Fares to the San Juan Islands start October 1! 

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