Whether you’re visiting for a quick day trip or you’re enjoying B.C.’s Capital for a long-weekend getaway, Victoria offers a wide variety of things to do and see. Use these ideas to get started this January! 

Butchart Gardens

1. Discover the Beauty of Winter Gardening

Most gardens give the appearance of hibernating during the winter. Not Vancouver Island’s Butchart Gardens. The 55-acre manicured estate is a riot of color and growing beauty year-round. From the lush Japanese Garden to the breathtaking Sunken Garden, a self-guided walking tour of this impressive destination is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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2. Raise a Glass to the Harvest

Join fellow cider lovers to celebrate the harvest at Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse. The 10-acre farm is home to more than 1,300 apple trees of 50 different varieties. January 15, their annual harvest celebration will feature guided tours of the cidery and orchard. Crafts and activities will be available for the little ones. And of course, there will be multiple different ciders to sample.


3. Visit the Coastal Rainforest

Nearly 25% of the world’s temperate rainforest is located in British Columbia. And a vast majority of this epic habitat calls Vancouver Island home. From the Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park to the rugged coastline of Sooke, which overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the unique eco-system is a wonderland of flora and fauna.

So, get out. Take a hike. Immerse yourself in this natural beauty. It’s an epic experience.


4. Boutique Shopping

With an impressively high walkability score and a large collection of locally owned boutiques, shopping is one of the best ways to explore Victoria. From handmade sweaters to one-of-a-kind jewelry, you’ll find something for everyone.

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Woolly Mammoth

5. Wander Through History

Stroll the wooden walkways of old Victoria. Stand face-to-face with Woolly, Victoria’s beloved woolly mammoth. Explore a full-scale replica of the Discovery, Captain George Vancouver’s H.M.S. ship. At the Royal BC Museum, you’ll have the chance to fully immerse yourself in Vancouver Island’s rich history.

Inner Harbour

6. Take a Guided Walking Tour of the Inner Harbour

Saturdays, The Maritime Museum of British Columbia offers guided walking tours of the Inner Harbour. Roughly an hour long, you’ll be treated to the rich history and vital role ships played in Victoria’s development. The tour will take you past some of the most famous and lesser known spots, offering you an opportunity to ask questions and explore the city on foot.


7. Enjoy Live Music

Known for its vibrant art scene, Victoria isn’t short on live music. Jazz tends to be a favorite for locals, with favorite hotspot like Hermann’s Jazz Club offering a nightly lineup of stellar musicians. Irish Times Pub and Copper Owl also feature nightly performances.

Eggs Benedict

8. Sample Some of the Best Eggs Benedict on the West Coast

Known for its brunch fare, Victoria has fondly been dubbed the ‘Brunch Capital of Canada.’ It’s a title the city comes by honestly, as chefs consistently throw down with runny yolk and hollandaise topped goodness worth getting out of bed to enjoy.

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harbour seal

9. See Seals All Over Town

In the marinas throughout Victoria’s Inner Harbour and beyond, harbor seals frequently visit. These playful mammals are beloved by locals and visitors alike. They can often be seen sunning on the dock or frolicking in the water.


10. Instagram Your Vacation

With its rich history, Victoria is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks on the West Coast. Take advantage of them. Make this your most Instagramable vacation yet!

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