The Royal BC Museum features some of the stand-look-ponder exhibits you’d expect at a traditional museum. But the real beauty of this BC capital gem is its immersive qualities.

The elaborate exhibits let you wander through time. From the rugged ice age to the refined cobblestone streets, you can walk in the footsteps of the original settlers and First Peoples.

Royal BC Museum Highlights

1. Totem Hall

In the First Peoples Galleries, Totem Hall is the central exhibit. It features carvings from the six of the region’s original communities. Like a forest of towering totems, the poles vary in type and carving style.

2. Woolly

The museums Natural History Gallery spans from the coastal rainforest to the colorful shores of Vancouver Island. But the star of this show is Woolly, the museum’s unofficial mascot. The full-size mammoth stands proudly within the ice age replica of the regions subtropical climate from 80 million years ago.

3. Old Town

It took centuries for Victoria to become the modern city we know today. In fact, the capital’s origins were more muddy dockside streets than elegant hotels. But as the quaint harbor town evolved, the grand cobblestone stress and urban history did too. Wander through the Victoria of the late 1800s, where manual presses and the telegraph helped propel the city’s development.

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