Kenmore Air’s new Seattle-Vancouver route offers the fastest way to travel between these two Cascadia Corridor tech hubs. Working in association with Harbour Air in Canada, it’s now just an hour scenic seaplane flight linking these two international cities.

While 140 miles and a border separate Seattle and Vancouver, the two cities share a great deal. From their ruggedly lush terrain and saltwater shores to their thriving technology-fueled industries, these Pacific Northwest gems are committed to building an economy based on human ingenuity.

This is why Washington State and British Columbia formalized the Cascadia Innovation Corridor last year. This is, ‘An ambitious initiative to get companies, universities and governments on both sides of the border working closer together,’ reported Ryan Holmes in his Seattle Times coverage.

Several pledges have been made on both sides, many of which focus on a commitment to fight climate change and exploring the feasibility of fast and convenient transportation. In order for the association to thrive, it’s paramount the two cities develop practical and convenient means of commuting back and forth.

Seaplanes Cut Travel Time to About an Hour

Taking a direct flight from Seattle’s Lake Union to downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour located near Canada Place, passengers can be dock-to-dock in as little as 60 minutes. Additionally, international seaplane travelers face a minimal wait when they arrive at customs, and unlike the large airports of Sea-Tac and Vancouver International, checking in is fast and convenient with no TSA security checkpoints. Plus, passengers are treated to stunning, scenic views.

Alternate options are available. Travelers can certainly drive, but even under ideal conditions, driving between downtown Seattle to downtown Vancouver is about 4 hours, depending on traffic and border crossing wait times. That makes for a really long day if you’re going up for a one-day business meeting. Amtrak provides a scenic ride, although the trip also takes about 4 hours.

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