With its interactive museums, plethora of parks, and walkable streets, Victoria offers the perfect kid-friendly getaway the whole family will love.



10:15 AM – Start with a Sweet National Symbol

Through a sweet treat, you can start your Victoria adventure with an introduction to one of Canada’s best-known national symbols – a beaver tail. Made with whole-wheat pastry dough, these donut-like treats are hand-stretched and served warm. Toppings range from chocolate hazelnut to apple cinnamon.

Plus, you can get them just blocks from the Inner Harbour Victoria Seaplane Terminal at BeaverTails. This beloved Canadian chain is also well-known for poutine – a local favorite featuring fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.

12:00 PM – Wander the Inner Harbour & Get Lunch

Red Fish Blue Fish Tacos

Once you’ve dropped your bags and situated yourselves, take a walk around Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Ghosts are said to linger around the heavily protected inlet. But don’t worry. The monuments, totem poles, and historic sites resting along the harbour’s shores remain spirit free until the wee hours. Wander past the elegant Parliament Buildings, where carriage rides are often seen beginning their adventure. Stroll through the gardens at the Fairmont Empress, which have been frequented by foreign dignitaries and famous individuals throughout the years. Try and blow a bubble as big as the pink Old Victoria Custom House, located at Broughton St. and Wharf St. And for lunch, pop down to the waterfront dock, where Red Fish Blue Fish serves rave-worthy fish ‘n’ chips and tacos. Housed in an up-cycled cargo container, this outdoor eatery tempura-batters their seafood, creating a light and flavorful meal. 

2:00 PM – Feel Like a Giant

Devoted to the miniature recreation of historic scenes and beloved tales, Miniature World features more than 85 dioramas and displays. The Great Canadian Railway travels across the country. Knights stand tall around King Author’s round table. From space and fairylands to old England and car rallies, this will make even the smallest among us feel like a giant! Throughout the museum you’ll find several push-button actions and trundling trains, sure to capture your child’s excitement. 

5:30 PM – Fries and Burgers (Guilt Trip-Free)

The typical fast-food joint can often leave you feeling more than a tad guilty about giving your kids the burgers and fries they crave. Such is not the case at Big Wheel Burger, where a commitment to locally sourcing sustainable, environmentally-friendly ingredients has been the practice since they opened in 2011. Here, the fries are crispy. Patties are made to satisfy meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. And the shakes are delightfully creamy. 


9:00 AM Breakfast

From savory to sweet, fluffy interiors and crispy exteriors make West Coast Waffles a go-to for breakfast. The standard butter and pure maple syrup toppings are certainly available. But it’s their more untraditional waffle toppings which make this kid-friendly joint shine. Your kids will love green apples and caramel sauce toppings. Or for a special treat, consider the Oreo waffle, which has Oreo cookie baked into the batter! Adults will dig the waffle’s savory side ranging from a Mexican inspired avocado, salsa, and egg to a pulled pork and BBQ sauce monstrosity. They even have a pizza inspired waffle, served with a side of ranch perfect for dipping.

10:30 AM – Whale Watching

Zodiac whale watching tours in Victoria

Is your little one ready to saddle up for adventure? Prince of Whales zodiac whale watching tours are one-part thrill and two-parts awe-inspiring beauty. These boat-based adventures take you and your kid out on the water to see some of Mother Nature’s most graceful and powerful creatures – orca whales. You’ll also have the chance to see shorebirds, sea otters, seals, dolphins, and grey whales!

12:30 PM – Lunch

Chances are your kids won’t want to leave the water once they’ve gone whale watching. So, don’t ask them to. Have lunch by the water at Fisherman’s Wharf. Just a short stroll (or water taxi ride) from the heart of the Inner Harbor, this working bay is home to a variety of novelty shops and restaurants. It’s also a fun place to watch seaplanes land and ferries come into port.

2:00 PM – Get Hands-On with History at the Royal BC Museum

The Royal BC Museum’s elaborate exhibits immerse you in the region’s rich history. From the rugged ice age to the First Peoples’ traditional ceremonial house, your child can feel like they are walking in the footsteps of those who came before them. Say ‘Hi’ to Woolly, the museum’s unofficial mascot – a full-size mammoth. See just how ‘spacious’ the quarters of a ship’s captain can be. And, wander through the grand streets of Victoria in the late 1800s. Discover more about the Royal BC Museum.

5:30 PM – Dine Like a Local

Skip the fancy tablecloths. With its dedicated kid’s menu and funky interior, John’s Place offers a fun and affordable dinner destination beloved by locals. You’ll find an extensive menu raging from a southwestern-inspired meatloaf to a hearty Bangers ‘n’ Mash special loaded with fried onions and buttermilk mashed potatoes. 


9:00 AM – Breakfast

Blue Fox Café may have some of the best eggs Benedict in Victoria. They also have one of the most kid-friendly menus. From apple loaded pancakes to almond-infused French toast, this Victoria breakfast staple has a friendly staff and great service. Just be warned, it’s a favorite for locals. So, there may be a wait. 

10:30 AM – Stretch Your Legs and Say ‘Hi’ to the Animals

Head to Beacon Hill Park, where you and your kids can explore more than 200 acres of gardens, walking paths, and playgrounds. The park even has a petting zoo (aka Beacon Hill Children’s Farm) where you will all have the opportunity to pet goats and see a variety of animals, including peacocks.

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