Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jeffrey Le is a young and talented videographer and photographer. He’s passionate about exploring the world and telling stories. His work draws you in and allows you to connect with the moment – even if you weren’t there.

He recently took our Volcano Tour and shared a bit of his work with us. To learn more about the man behind the camera and the inspiration for his flight, I connected with him while he was on a project in Alaska. Discover some of the key takeaways.

What first drew you to Kenmore Air?

I have always been interested in doing a scenic flight around Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens, so it was a no-brainer for me to contact Kenmore Air when I had realized they offered scenic flight tours. I had searched a few scenic flight companies but found Kenmore Air had some of the best reviews and figured I should trust the people of Washington to guide me to the right flight for me!

Mount Rainier Volcano Tour

What was seeing Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens from that angle like?

It was AMAZING! As someone who loves the outdoors, I have hiked around Mt. Rainier and have visited Mt. St. Helens a few times, but this was truly something else. Being able to take in everything the surrounding areas of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens had to offer was an experience I will never forget. You think you have an idea of how big these mountains are, but then you fly over them and really put into perspective how small the areas around the mountains look in comparison. Not only was the view wonderful, but the flight was amazing in regard to the entire experience. The pilot did a wonderful job of allowing us to see the mountains from both sides and different angles. It was really catered to all passengers onboard, which I thought was great.

You travel often for work. How did the views from this flight compare to some of the other sights you've witnessed while working?

Being able to travel for work, you often see a lot of different things from your airplane seat. However, it doesn't compare to what you see with a scenic flight tour. The scenic flight tour is catered in a way that allows you to really experience the focal points of the flight, but also the surrounding areas. It really pushes you to think about the geography of that area rather than a quick glance at something 'cool'. Also, flying at a lower elevation helps with what you are able to see!

Kenmore Air Express at Boeing Field

Do you have hobbies outside of videography?

Yes! I love hiking, backpacking, camping, and basically anything that has to do with the outdoors! I'm currently taking up rock climbing and hope to further this into something I can incorporate into my videography and photography. My brother is a chef who has worked in some of the most amazing kitchens in New York, so I love cooking as well!

What do you shoot with primarily?

The camera that I use is a Canon 1DX Mark II. It's a great professional level camera that allows me to do what I need to do in the field without worrying about it failing or running out of battery. However, I firmly believe that the best camera you can have is the one you have with you right now! If you can take great iPhone pictures, you can take great pictures with anything!

Volcano Tour

What made you pursue a career in videography/ photography?

I have always been the kid that was interested in building and creating things. Throughout middle school, I taught myself how to use computer programs to create graphic designs. From there, I built my own business in high school and was able to create designs for brands, influencers, etc. Once I was able to save up enough money, I bought myself a camera and taught myself the basics through YouTube videos. Once I saw that I could make money doing what I love, I made the choice to finish with an Associates in Visual Communication, a fancy way of saying graphic design, instead of a Bachelors. I'm now 20, turning 21 in a week from writing these answers out, and am so excited to see what my path will be like moving forward!

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*Photos by Jeffery Le