Whether you have 20 minutes to fill between meetings or an hour to stretch your legs before check-in, soak up a bit of Vancouver’s unique slice of paradise.

The urban waterfront city offers stunning views, a thriving food scene, and rich history perfect for exploring on foot. The following three walks can each be completed in an hour, though you may find yourself wanting to extend them as you linger beside landmarks and grab a bite at one of the many restaurants, cafes, and pubs along the way.

2 Parks & 20 Minutes

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From the seaplane terminal, follow the Seawall Water Walk east. In just over half a mile, you’ll pass through not one, but two waterfront parks – Harbour Green Park and Cardero Park. Though substantially smaller than the city’s prized Stanley Park, each offers views of the harbor and mountains beyond. For a waterfront pitstop, the Tap Shack Eatery offers a dog-friendly patio, stunning views, and a large selection of local beers.

1 Landmark & 2,680 Steps

Canada Place

Looking for a bit more culture? Take the Seawall west to Canada Place. This national landmark is best known for the five ‘white sails’ that prominently top the Convention Center. Along the west promenade, explore ‘The Canadian Trail’ which highlights each of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories.

Endless Books, Narrow Streets & Steam Clocks

Steam Clock

Extend your Canada Place stroll by continuing west, past Waterfront Station. Constructed in 1914, a row of white columns seems to stand guard outside the entrance of this red-brick landmark. Continue two blocks inland to MacLeod’s Books, where you’ll find precarious stacks, overstuffed shelves, and a well-versed staff. Taking Homer Street to Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood. Along the way, you’ll pass the Jimi Hendrix Shrine, a perfect spot to grab a selfie. The historic district’s narrow streets are home to some of Vancouver’s best restaurants, swankiest bars, and one-of-a-kind art galleries. At its heart stands the Steam Clock. The quirky timekeeper draws its power from the city’s underground steam-heat, thus its billowing top.

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Vancouver Power Lunches

Power lunching in Vancouver has its perks. The City of Glass has taken often underwhelming mid-day hotel fare to a whole new level. Seafood and farm-to-table cuisine rule. Price points range from impress foreign executives to indulge in down-home comfort. And, those with special dietary needs are warmly accommodated.

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If the rugged mountainside and modern technology had a love child – Vancouver would be the result. Fondly nicknamed ‘The City of Glass,’ this British Columbia metropolis sports a plethora of outdoor parks; a love for local, sustainable cuisine; and a passion for protecting Mother Nature. Literally – the Vancouver Sun recently published a veritable ode to a 600-year-old tree.

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