Vancouver’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And as is the case with most beautiful destinations, the city’s not without its quirks and recognition.

1. Vancouver is also called “Hollywood of the North.” It was recently ranked the 14th most popular city in the world for TV production by

2. From 1947 to 1986, it was illegal to sell stoves on a Wednesday within city limits.

3. The Port of Vancouver is the largest port in Canada and the third largest in North America in terms of total tonnage moved in and out of the port.


4. Though the name would suggest otherwise, it’s widely believed that ‘The California Roll’ was actually created by Japanese-born Vancouver chef Hidekazu Tojo. 

5. Stanley Park spans 400-hectares (1,000-acres), making it 10 percent larger than New York’s Central Park. One of the most popular ways to explore it is biking or walking along the famous Seawall. 

6. Stanley Park’s grey squirrels aren’t indigenous. Rumors of how this invasive species came to Vancouver range from a 1909 gift from New York’s Central Park to a city acquisition from Pennsylvania. Regardless of their origin, the fact remains these bushy-tailed critters are adorable.

7. In 2018, Vancouver was ranked the third most ‘livable city in the world’ by The Economist.

8. It is home to Canada’s longest pool — Kits Pool. Located in the Kitsilano neighborhood, it is the city’s only saltwater pool. The lanes stretch 137 meters, which is almost 3 times as long as an Olympic pool.

9. The Marine Building, located at 355 Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver, was once the tallest building in the British Empire at 321 feet.

10. The Lions Gate Bridge was built by the Guinness Beer Company in 1937 to provide easy access to the British Properties.


11. Nearly the entire city burnt down in 1886 during the Great Vancouver Fire. It started as a controlled burn, intended to clear land. Unfortunately, the winds shifted suddenly and the small crew of Canadian Pacific Railway men were unable to contain it as it consumed roughly 1,000 wooden buildings in less than 45 minutes.

12. Vancouver is the home of Green Peace, which was started by a group of activists in 1971. The group came together to try and stop nuclear bomb testing in Alaska.

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