If you’re not careful, you might think the old Eastsound house on the north end of town is condemned. But the boarded-up shutters are actually just part of the Elusion Orcas Island Escape Room’s character.

In a brilliant Harry Potter-inspired attraction, the house has been transformed into a mix of Shrieking Shack and cavernous dungeon. It was crafted by two wizarding-enthusiasts and business partners, Matthew Laslow and Ricky Hughes.

Having visited other escapes rooms, the two friends correctly surmised that Orcas Island needed its own.

The attraction features a series of puzzles and clues that must be solved in 60 minutes or less in order to regain access to the outside world. Participants enter in groups of up to four. Collaborating, they work their way through locked compartments and cleverly hidden clues all while trapped within a dark dungeon. 

While a love of magic and wizard-inspired costumes are strongly encouraged, no actual Harry Potter expertise is required. Each puzzle can be completed entirely with your own wits. And should you and your party find yourself stumped, the occasional omnipotent clue may be shared via overhead speaker.

So whether you're among the “Mischief Managed” crowd or are a muggle looking for an out-of-the-ordinary bit of fun, the Elusion Orcas Island Escape Room offers a magical 60-minute departure from the ordinary.

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