A relatively new addition to the Kenmore Air family, Ben Cardin’s presence is felt throughout Kenmore’s Lake Union terminal. As the Station Manager, he leads by example with his upbeat spirit and commitment to incredible customer service. 

Joining the Kenmore Air team in 2017 as a Customer Service Supervisor, Ben was quickly promoted to Station Manager. He also recently assumed the role of Marketing Coordinator.

Wearing both hats, today he oversees all elements of the station’s operation and is the go-to resource for marketing relations and community development. As Station Manager, Ben’s role includes scheduling, onboarding new staff, maintaining an upbeat work environment, and promoting positive customer experiences. Recently, he also oversaw the Lake Union Terminal renovations. (The Lake Union Terminal saw major upgrades this spring, as new windows and floors were installed.)

As the Marketing Coordinator, Ben is the go-to resource for marketing relationships and community development. This means coordinating promotions with local tourism companies and Kenmore Air’s social media team, providing documentation for local businesses, and developing relationships with other tourism companies.

“Kenmore’s an incredible place to work and a big part of that is the people. That’s why one of my top priorities is making this an upbeat and positive place to be,” Ben said.

From staff to passengers, Ben is committed to providing the best experience possible.

“Kenmore offers something really unique. Whether passengers are arriving or departing, they’re happy to be here. And that’s something we focus on. Because not only does it make our jobs better, but promoting that kind of environment makes our passengers even happier. And that’s something incredibly fulfilling.” 

While Ben quickly became an integral part of the Kenmore Air family, he didn’t have a background in aviation. In fact, his professional life started in Hollywood, where he worked as an events coordinator for major production companies and producers. “That experience really taught me the importance of details, like noticing where someone likes to be seated or how they like to be treated,” said Ben.

It’s this same level of detail that he uses to foster strong relationships among staff members and passengers. “I’m always looking for little ways to recognize someone’s contribution and let them know they’re valued,” explained Ben.

Moving to Seattle in 2009, Ben met his husband, Ricky, and started a new career as the building manager of Seattle’s tallest building. “My time as a building manager taught me a lot about managing multiple schedules in a hectic environment. That’s a skill I definitely utilize here, especially during the summer months.”

Luckily for Kenmore Air, Ben was passionate about rising even higher. During the evenings, he’d often sit on the deck of his Capitol Hill apartment and watch the seaplanes take off and land. “I was drawn to them. It’s such a wonderful and unique part of Seattle,” Ben said. 

So, he applied for a job at Kenmore Air. “I couldn’t be happier. This place doesn’t just talk about treating people like family. They do it. And that’s exactly the kind of place I want to be,” Ben shared.

When his schedule allows, Ben loves to fly with Kenmore. “I’ll just stare out the window and marvel at this magical place we call home,” he said. And having moved 21 times before arriving in Seattle, Ben’s lived in a lot of cities. But this is the first one that’s really become home.

Key Facts

  • Name: Ben Cardin
  • Occupation: Lake Union Station Manager & Marketing Coordinator
  • Age: 44
  • Birthplace: Chicago Heights
  • Residence: Capitol Hill, Wash.
  • Years Working for Kenmore: 2
  • First Job at Kenmore Air: Customer Service Supervisor

Question: What’s your favorite destination?

Vancouver is one of my favorites. It has such an international cosmopolitan feel.  The downtown core has amazing shopping, with great dinner spots and grand hotels. Plus, the city has a fun pulse.

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