Bringing your fur baby for an adventure can make your getaway fun for the entire family — with a little bit of planning. Because while you and your two-legged companions may be well versed in take-off and landing protocols, your pet likely isn’t. Use the following tips to make your pet’s (and your) vacation a smooth one.

Check the Pet Policy. They vary from airline to airline. As a pet-friendly airline, Kenmore Air welcomes dogs and cats on board. However, for the safety of its passengers, it limits one pet per flight. (See website for additional restrictions.)

Review the International Regulations. If you are flying out of the country, pet immunization and a health certificate will likely be required. 

Make Reservations Over the Phone. You’ll always want to make your pet’s reservation before arriving at the airport to ensure the airline can accommodate your four-legged loved one.

Scope Out the Pet Area in Advance. While making your reservation, be sure to ask if there’s an area where your pet can relieve themselves before the flight. This is a great way to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Have a Secure Leash. Always keep your pet leashed while flying. Even the most well-behaved animals can act unpredictably in new situations. Having a secure hold of them is essential to both their safety and your own.

Try to Get Your Pet Some Exercise Before the Flight. Just like for humans, exercise is a great stress reliever for your pet. If possible, take your pet on a walk prior to the flight so that they—and you—can expend some energy. 

Plan for Water & Food. It’s not guaranteed your destination will have a dog-friendly restaurant, so plan accordingly by packing a food and water bowl, along with at least enough food for one meal. Check to make sure you can buy additional food at your destination. If you are flying somewhere remote, you may need to bring enough food for the entire trip.