Have you thought about your travel bucket list? A new year is the perfect time to re-visit and maybe re-map yours with some unique Pacific Northwest travel ideas. 

Because while you may have visited Victoria, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver, and Seattle — have you actually seen and done everything? Chances are, there are quite a few unique Pacific Northwest travel ideas that you haven’t yet explored. 

9 Bucket List Worthy Pacific Northwest Travel Ideas

Things to do in the San Juans


Whale Watching

Nothing can compare to the sight of an orca breaching the water’s surface. Its body flying into the air. The powerful “KWOOF” when it comes back down. The power of its splash rising around its body as it swims back into the water.

Take a Scenic Hike

With its lunch landscape and windswept coastline, the San Juan Islands are home to some of the best hiking around, including Turtleback Mountain on Orcas Island and South Beach Hiking Trail on San Juan Island.

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Things to do in Victoria

Savor a Seaside Oasis

Just outside of Victoria, the Oak Baby Beach Hotel and Spa invites you to indulge in their seaside oasis. This elegant destination features outdoor mineral pools overlooking the sea, panoramic views, and exquisite cuisine.


Afternoon Tea

Whether you want to warm up on a chilly day or you’re looking to indulge in some high-class refinement, afternoon tea will fit the bill. And, Victoria offers a wide variety of choices where you and the girls can grab a cup!

Sea & Sky Adventure

From sweeping birds-eye views to skimming past rocky shorelines, our Sea & Sky package lets you cruise with the Victoria Clipper to Victoria BC and enjoy a 45-minute scenic flight back to Seattle or the other way around!

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Things to do in Seattle

Eat Your Way Through Seattle

Is good food part of any good vacation for you? Then no trip to Seattle is complete without visiting one of its best restaurants. Don’t have a lot of time? Even a quick lunch or happy hour can be a reason to celebrate!


Visit a Seattle Coffee Shop (or several)

Learn how to stay toasty, the Seattle way — with a cup of coffee. From pour-overs to expertly pulled espresso shots, the Emerald City baristas know a thing or two about how to do coffee right!

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Things to do in Vancouver

See Vancouver’s Public Art

Though the remnants of Granville Island’s industrial past still remain, this quaint peninsula has become a hotbed for artists. In addition to the art studios and outdoor markets, you’ll also find a plethora of public art throughout its streets.

Wander Through a Living Maze

Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Garden is home to just one of six hedge mazes 

In North America, making this exquisite growing labyrinth quite unique! 

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