Fall. We’re in the full swing of it and goodness, has it been good. The colors. The sweaters. The warm drinks. The long walks.

As Seattleites, we’re always quite partial to coffee. Heck, we live in the coffee capital of the world. While we like our coffee when Mother Nature brings the heat of summer, we like it even more when she brings the crisp bite of fall and winter.

Because there’s a Starbucks on nearly every corner and a wide variety of local shops scattered in between, we wanted to share a few of our favorite java stops so you can caffeinate your way through the city. 


Fonté Café

Like the finest winemakers, the complex flavors of Fonté’s coffee begins with their bean selection process. Only the highest quality beans are selected. They are then processed using an artisanal style of coffee roasting. The result is one-of-a-kind blends that appeal to coffee lovers and food aficionados alike.

While they roast their beans in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, Fonté opened a small café and wine bar in 2009. This moody storefront is located in the heart of downtown Seattle. It is just across the street from the Seattle Art Museum and steps from the Pike Place Market. The food’s good and the service is friendly. But it’s really the coffee that should attract you. Order a pot of French press, sit back, and indulge your senses.


Caffé Ladro

What originally began as a relaxing haunt for Queen Anne residents quickly gained popularity with all of Seattle. This might be due to the Adirondack chairs that line the majority of their storefronts. We like to think it is in large part to their medicis – a chocolate and orange peel infused cappuccino. Ladies and gents, this is one drink for the record books. Over the years, this local chain has expanded, which makes medicis even easier to find. (We’ll cheers to that!)


Zoka Coffee

Good coffee meets decadent pastries at Zoka. These bright and airy coffee shops are frequently filled with large study parties and gabbing girlfriends. For those tea drinkers out there, Zoka also sources their own selection of blends.



Handmade chocolates might be the first thing that comes to mind with you think of Chocolati. That’s logical. Their treats are some of the best in the city. But these artisanal chocolate shops also know a think or two about coffee. Their pours are smooth and delicious. They’re just the kind of thing you wouldn’t mind sipping while enjoying a truffle (or two).


Caffé Vita

Caffé Vita’s been a Seattle standby for more than 20 years. Locally-owned, their commitment to the Farm Direct movement has earned them a special place among those in the Seattle area. That, and the fact that their focus on single origin coffees means a pour that rocks. (Farm Direct is a process of developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with growers who use sustainable practices.)