Eric’s outstanding contribution to safety in aviation maintenance earned him recognition from the FAA.

Eric Ellison came to Kenmore Air in 2003. He originally joined the team in the same way as most of our employees – working the line.

At the time, he’d recently completed his Bachelor of Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and was working towards his mechanics license. With a license under his belt, he earned a spot among our internationally recognized maintenance team and began doing general maintenance and rebuilds. 

Throughout the years his role at Kenmore Air has evolved. In 2011, he became our chief inspector. As chief inspector, he’s tracks and monitors the use and maintenance of Kenmore Air’s entire fleet. Additionally, he oversees the annual inspections of our planes and hundreds of privately owned aircraft.

Like any machine, planes suffer from wear and tear. Even the best-maintained aircraft needs regular maintenance. Annual inspections play an imperative role in ensuring these machines continue to operate safely. 

Every detail matters. Every part must be inspected. And that’s what makes Eric so good. He’s detail-oriented and has a vast knowledge of aircraft and aircraft maintenance. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015, at the grand opening of Kenmore Air’s new maintenance hangar, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recognized his amazing contributions to the aviation community. They awarded him the Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year.

“I was completely shocked. I had no idea this was coming until they started reading my bio,” Eric said.

Attending the event were several of his family, friends and co-workers were all there to congratulate him, including his wife Megan. 

“This is an incredible honor. Safety is a priority for us. I’m incredibly appreciative of all that the FAA inspectors do to keep us safe, efficient and in the air,” Eric said. 

Congratulations Eric!