March 7 – 15 – Victoria Beer Week
Whether you’re a beer geek or a beer newbie, Victoria Beer Week will fill your hop longings. With multiple beer-related events, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of craft brews, speak with brewers and ask industry experts questions. Plus, check out the pairing dinners to explore the full range of beer’s potential.

March 9 – 22 – Belfry SPARK Festival
For the seventh year, Belfry’s yearly SPARK Festival is attracting internationally renowned shows. Many of these fantastic presentations have been or currently are on tour. While many of the shows are ticketed, the festival also features a collection of free events, including readings and open Q&As.

March 13 – April 11 – Victoria Film Festival
This annual independent film festival is known for attracting high-quality films. Each year it’s showings feature a wide range of ideas and lifestyles.

March 19 – 22 – Kizomba & Semba Festival
DJ Vasco from Paris and Joelle from Quebec are combining forces for a multi-day dance festival extravaganza. 

March 20 – Turboprop
Ernesto Cervini brings an innovative and electrifying energy to jazz. On the heels of his third album, There, he’s coming to Victoria. But, he’s mixing things up a little with the addition of two more instruments.

March 26 – Wine of Catalunya
Held at Camille’s at 45 Bastion Square, this unique event will showcase the wine and food from Spain’s Mediterranean Coast. 

April 7 – May 10 – Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival
Discover the magic of storytelling as artists bring tales to life. Performances range from music and dance to dramatic stage plays.

April 19 – Saanish Cycling Festival
For the fifth year running, this family-friendly event features two different bike routes. Both courses will be escorted by the Saanish Police. The day will be rounded out by a collection of stage entertainment, bike demonstrations, interactive games, a bike rodeo and more!

May 8 – 24 – Uno Fest
Taking theater to the next level, Uno Fest is a multi-day festival featuring a bold collection of independent artists. Performances will feature innovative multidisciplinary works from renowned solo performers.

May 16 – 18 – Victoria Highland Games
Kilts, bagpipes, and feats of strength will converge on Victoria for the 152nd annual Victoria Highland Games. There will be competition. There will be art. And, there will be lots and lots of celebrating. 

May 23 – 25 – Swiftsure 
Each year it’s a race to the end. The annual Swiftsure International Yacht Race features mono- and multi-hull vessels. In the Strait of Juan de Fuca captains complete as they take on multiple challenges such as winds and currents.

May 30 – Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Jubilee Grand Finale
Featuring the world premiere of a new Canadian work (piano quintet) by renowned Canadian Artist and Composer Stephen Brown, and commissioned by the VCM to commemorate the Victoria Conservatory’s 50th Anniversary.