Located just Northeast of Campbell River’s world famous fishing grounds, Dent Island Lodge is a droplet of luxury among British Columbia’s wilderness.

A resort-like lodge. Customized fishing adventures. Exceptional restaurant cuisine. Dent Island Lodge is salmon fishing magnificence.

The lodge’s Stuart Island location is tucked between Vancouver Island and British Columbia’s mainland. It overlooks Cordero Strait and the Canoe Rapids. Here, the narrow tidal cut changes directions four times a day. The white water brilliance is massive as currents hit one another among a backdrop of lush old growth forests.

Spend the day casting on fresh water for salmon and trout on the British Columbia’s pristine rivers. Wake up the following day and go trolling for salmon. This is charter fishing at its finest. You pick the adventure. Dent Island Lodge’s expert guides make it happen.


Dining in the wilderness is a unique endeavor. Farm-to-table, or in this case sea-to-table, dining isn’t just a fad when your kitchen is accessible by only boat or seaplane. It’s a necessity. The results at Dent Island Lodge are astounding.

Their dining room has earned such a reputation among the yachting community that it’s a destination. Dinners are treated to five-course extravaganzas that begin with hors d’oeuvres and mingling in the lounge. It’s the perfect, informal opportunity to enjoy a cocktail and swap stories with friends and family. Entrees vary from day to day, depending on what’s fresh and available. You might have wild salmon one night and roasted leg of lamb the next. The chef frequently prepares fresh local Dungeness crab, halibut, and duck. Regardless of what’s on the menu, dining here is an event – a meal meant to be savored, lingered over, and maybe even extended with a post-dinner liqueur.


Near the main lodge, cabins are tucked into the landscape. Each features a private deck with views of the surrounding straights and channels. It’s so peaceful you might contemplate giving your old rod a day to rest will you sit outside, read and breathe in the fresh air.