There’s nothing quite like shopping in the big city where flagship stores and high-end boutiques abound. Sure, Seattle’s bustling metropolis doesn’t have the same reputation as New York’s shop-till-you-drop atmosphere. But really, isn’t one urban jungle enough?

Here, in a city where fashion is in the eye of the wearer, you can peruse to your heart’s content without being overwhelmed. Whether you’re arriving by wheeled plane (for which this itinerary is specifically designed) or by seaplane, this itinerary will take you to some of Seattle’s best spots to shop and eat.

Whether you’re arriving by wheeled plane (for which this itinerary is specifically designed) or by seaplane, this guide will take you to some of Seattle’s best spots to shop and eat.

9:00 AM – Breakfast at Wandering Goose
Tucked among Seattle’s bustling neighborhoods are micro communities – city blocks and single storefronts where locals gather. Here neighborhoods blossom and restaurants thrive. While Capitol Hill is better known for its eclectic and edgy stretch of Broadway, 15th Ave. – located just a few blocks east – is a slower, definitely cleaner and more upscale option. It’s also home to Wandering Goose, a charming restaurant where church pews line the walls and lampshades are made from flour sacks. If the nursery rhymes carved into the tabletops aren’t enough to make you swoon, the food certainly will. While a collection of biscuit sandwiches may seem tempting, it’s the cast-iron plated hash options that demand attention. Topped with a poached egg, these brisket and veggie (Bubble & Squeek) or fried oyster and cured pork belly (Hangtown Fry) are comfort food that stops just short of making you want to crawl back into bed.

10:30 – Shop. Shop. Shop. 
Head to Downtown Seattle where quaint boutiques are speckled among large department stores. For oodles of high-end fashion, Nordstrom carries it all with its massive city block footprint and five levels of shopping options. Flanked to the east by Pacific Place and to the west by Westlake Center, this three-block stretch along Pine St. serves as Seattle’s shopping hub. But, the plethora of options doesn’t stop there. Nearby you’ll find Niketown, Anthropologie, AllSaints and more. (The walk from breakfast is just shy of 40 minutes, but it’s all downhill. Or, you could hop on the 10 – Seattle’s Metro line which runs right past Wandering Goose. Additionally, see the “Getting Around” suggestions below.)

1:00 – Refuel
Shopping is hard work. The picking. The choosing. The trying on and trying off of clothes. While our love for elegant dresses and handsome shoes have certainly been honed over the years, nothing quite speaks to our baser instincts like the sight of meat over a roaring fire. Perhaps that’s why we breathe a little easier when we walk into chef Jason Wilson’s new Miller’s Guild and stand face-to-face with his custom-built, nine-foot Grillworks Infierno grill. Its warmth soothes our souls. So too do the wood floor and the lofted ceiling, lowered with soft dangling lights. Wilson’s hearty American fare focuses on nose-to-tail butchery with slowly braised meats and fire-roasted vegetables. The cheese packed grits and fried Brussels sprouts aren’t anything at which to sneeze either (when they’re on the menu). 

2:00 – Shop. A little more.

4:00 – Rest
Take a load off. You deserve it. Oliver’s Lounge – located at the Mayflower Park Hotel – is tucked in the backside of Westlake Center. Its casual and friendly demeanor is just the thing after a hustle-bustle day filled with trips to the of dressing room.

5:00 PM – Make Your Way Back to Boeing Field
The day may be over, but the adventure’s not! Head back to Boeing Field* and enjoy your scenic flight back home.


Getting Around
This walking itinerary is designed as a leg-stretching adventure. However, getting to and from downtown definitely requires a little help. From Boeing Field you can catch a cab or order an Uber car. Uber’s easy to use smartphone app is quick, reliable and affordable.


*You must be present and checked-in for all international flights 45-minutes prior to departure.