March 4 – 12, the annual Victoria will showcase an array of BC craft breweries.

Each year this nine-day festival showcases a wide array of BC craft breweries. Throughout this nine-day festival events will focus on education and, of course, sampling. March 4, it will kick off with a Cask Night at the Victoria Public Market. This lively opening will include 25 unique casks and food from the market’s vendors.

Daily events feature tours, pairings, pub-crawls, workshops and more.

You can find the full list of events here.

Victoria Beer Week Event Highlights

March 5 – Homebrewers Workshop
Join Michael Kuzyk at Category 12 Brewing to get a comprehensive introduction to homebrewing. Learn the process, flavor development, and environmental essentials to creating your own perfect pour.

March 6 – Beer School
If only all classes allowed drinking! At Beer School, drinking’s not just allowed, it’s encouraged. You’ll be invited to sample different flavor profiles, learn about how they were created and more.

March 8 – Drink In The Story
Join three of BC’s renowned brewers at The Drake Eatery. They’ll be sharing the story behind their breweries and one of their beers, offering insight into some of their inspiration, frustration, education and craft. Beer pairings available to accompany each story.

March 8 – Pucker Up
If you like sour beer, this one is for you. Come experience a wide range of pucker worthy pours.