Did today’s snowy morning make you think about climbing back into bed and staying until spring? Resist the urge. There are still so many fun things to do in Seattle this winter that hibernating would almost be a crime. Especially when it comes to tasting the city’s seasonal brews.

Before they’re gone, make sure to sample some of these holiday inspired beers at our local breweries.

The Pike Brewery Company: Hoppy Holiday Ale
Founded in 1989, The Pike Brewing Company is tucked under Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market. Their craft brews are served up in their pub, an intertwining maze of old beer paraphernalia and active brewing. Though their regular selection has earned them a loyal following, their seasonal varieties are always anticipated delights. Their Hoppy Holiday Ale is no exception. A winter treat which dates back to pre-Christian times, it is a light beer with hints of orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Two Beers Brewery: Jive Espresso Stout
In 2007, home brewer Joel VandenBrink turned his passion for full-flavored hops into a professional gig. His SoDo brewery quickly grew past its growler fill-up origins into an active brewery and tasting room where patrons feel, “Life is just a little more honest after two beers.” This season’s Jive Espresso Stout is made from locally roasted Kuma coffee. It’s combined with chocolate malt flavors for a dark stout that’s not overly heavy.

Fremont Brewing Company: Bonfire Ale
Crafted from the finest local and organic ingredients (when possible), Fremont Brewing Company is located half a mile from the “Center of the Universe,” a large pole which points to, what many Fremontians consider, the universe’s center. Their urban beer garden is industrial enough to remind you beer brewing is going on somewhere in the depths of their building and intimate enough for friends to gather around one of their long wood tables for a pint. This season’s Bonfire Ale is a rye, smoke and chocolate malt extravaganza.

Pyramid: Snow Cap
While Pyramid’s size is certainly on the larger side of Seattle’s craft breweries, their heritage is just as humble. It began on the banks of the Columbia River in Kalama, WA in 1984. Snow Cap, one of their most popular seasonal brews, was first made in 1986. Crafted in the British tradition of holiday brews, it offers a complex blend of caramel and chocolate malt.

Black Raven Brewing CompanyFestivus Holiday Ale
The taproom at the Eastside’s Black Raven Brewing Company is more brewery living room than traditional brewpub. Known as “The Raven’s Nest,” it has just a 100-seat capacity, creating a small hub for beer lovers. Their Festivus Holiday Ale is lighter than many of the typical winter brews you see. Infused with a variety of citrus peels, cranberries and a secret blend of spices, it has a bitterness of 50 IBU.

Do you have favorite holiday brews? What will you be sipping the rest of this festive season?