Today of all days, we want to recognize those brave men and women who have put, and are putting, their lives on the line in defense of our freedom. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your sacrifice and dedication means the world. Veterans Day may only come once a year, but we’re grateful all year long.

Among our own Kenmore Air family, we’ve been honored to have several veterans join the team throughout the years. One such individual is Kenmore Air Chairman Gregg Munro.


Gregg Munro, Kenmore Air Chairman 

Served: Served ’68-’70, Vietnam ’69-’70 with 101st Airborne Division

Rank: Sergeant E-5


Joined Kenmore Air Team

Gregg was, quite literally, born into the Kenmore Air family. He grew up on the banks of Lake Washington, surrounded by marshy grassland, mechanics, and seaplanes. 

During his junior high school summers, he mowed the grass parking lot where the planes were parked. And in high school he began working the line, servicing planes before takeoff and after arrival.

But, it wasn’t until he was honorably discharged that be began flying. Returning to his roots, he entered into the family business. Today, he still enjoys flying. You’ll typically find Gregg behind the yoke (the plane’s steering column) during the summer months when the flight crew is particularly busy.


Memorable Flights

Gregg’s had several memorable flights throughout the years. Some to amazing destinations. Others included extraordinary passengers. Among his favorite trip was a flight to pick up John Wayne’s daughter and son-in-law in Canada.

There had been fog in the days leading up to the flight. So the day prior, when there was a break in the weather, Gregg flew up to make sure he’d be there on time. The Duke came over to the plane and asked, “Need a place to stay?”

Gregg ended up spending the night on the boat and having breakfast with the Duke and his family.

 Gregg Munro in Africa

Passion for Kids

African Children’s Choir is an amazing non-profit that forms choirs with 7- to 10-year-old children from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. 

Many of the members have lost one or both parents due to the devastation of war, famine, and disease. The choir primarily tours throughout Europe and the United States helping to raise awareness and funds for children in need.

It was during one such tour that Gregg met Joseph – a member of Choir 25. Gregg attended one of Joseph’s Seattle performances. During the performance the children were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. Joseph said he wanted to be a pilot. 

After the performance, Gregg invited Joseph and the rest of his choir friends to Kenmore for a seaplane ride. Joseph rode co-pilot.

The two talked throughout the flight. When Gregg mentioned he’d like to visit Uganda someday, Joseph immediately asked him to visit his home. 

Six months after the choir returned home, that’s exactly what Gregg did. Traveling to Uganda with Restore International, another amazing non-profit, Gregg visited Joseph and witnessed first hand the immense need for schools in the region.

Since then, Gregg supported the opening of Restore Leadership Academy in 2007. That first year, there were just 15 students. Less then 10 years later, the student body has grown to nearly 500.

Gregg continues to visit the school twice a year since, to check on the growing student body and Joseph’s progress. Joseph is currently in his first year at University and studying Film and TV Production!