Kenmore is known for jetting folks up to the San Juans or popping them over to Victoria. We do both of these things. And they’re great. We fly to a whole slew of regularly scheduled destinations. But, we also do so much more.

Our water-landing babies take adventure hungry men and women into remote regions where cars are often non-existent and nature is front and center. We get them there quickly, bypassing ferry lines and busy airport terminals. We take them there with breathtaking views and thrilling takeoffs and landings.

Just where can you go? Darn near anywhere. The folks in our Charter service department are fantastic. They’ll work closely with you to plan the perfect trip.

For example, you could take the fly fishing trips Orvis is leading. While we offer seasonal trips to fly fishing lodges such as Blackfish Lodge and Franks Fishing Lodge, these are extended stay trips.

The Orvis “Hunt for Big Searuns,” combines everything you love about northern-style angling – exquisite destinations, exceptional fishing and expert guides – with the convenience of a single day itinerary. Talk about awesome!

These fly fishing excursions get you out of town and doing the important stuff (aka casting your line) in no time. Typically, selected destinations are not accessible by car and are at least a two-hour drive from the Seattle/Bellevue area.

The action-packed days begins with a check-in at Kenmore Air Harbor where you’ll get into your wading gear and double check your supplies. Led by fly fishing expert Leland Miyawaki and piloted by Kenmore Air pilot and fly fishing enthusiast, Larry Graff, you’ll set off for a roughly 15-minute trip to the Southsound. The seaplane taxis to the beach and you step, quite literally, into the water. It’s that quick.

How advanced do you have to be? Leland asks his fly fishers to be intermediate to advanced casters. He’s available to help with rigging, fly choices, presentations techniques, fish handling skills, and education on the fishery.

Don’t know a lick about fly fishing, but really want to? Orvis offers free fly fishing classes perfectly suited for beginners of all ages. (Find a full list of available classes at

The remaining Orvis-led trip has filled up, but they will resume in September/October. Which gives you time to fine tune your skills or learn the basics.

Where else can our nimble planes take you? Stay tuned for more details. Or, share a few of your own adventure loving, off-the-beaten-path destination favorites.