1. Pricing & Quantity Discount
QuickTix are sold at a discounted price based on a “fare basis” for the route on which they are valid. The fare basis is set at the approximate average of the pre-tax GoFare on the route during the highest fare period for which the QuickTix will be eligible for use. Therefore, some published fares on the route may be lower than the fare basis, and some may be higher. The fare basis for a route is subject to change without notice. The retail price of each QuickTicket is discounted off the fare basis by 10%. Any temporary surcharges in effect at the time a QuickTicket is purchased are added to the retail price without discount.

2. Flights & Routes
Each QuickTicket is valid for one (1) one-way flight for one (1) passenger. Each is valid only on the route/service type indicated on the Credit Voucher at time of purchase.

3. One-Year Expiration
QuickTix expire and become invalid for travel one (1) year from date of purchase. No extensions will be granted.

4. Transferability
QuickTix are fully transferable, meaning they can be applied as payment for the airfare of anyone the purchaser designates. Online booking using QuickTix requires the purchaser’s Customer login and password; telephone or in-person booking using QuickTix requires the QuickTix voucher number shown on the Credit Voucher at time of purchase.

5. Refunds & Cash Value
QuickTix are not refundable once purchased. They are not redeemable for cash.

6. Full-Fare Guarantee
QuickTix will be accepted as payment in full — including all taxes, fees and surcharges —for any regularly scheduled one-way flight, including corresponding ground shuttle transfers, on the valid route during the QuickTicket’s period of validity. When paying with a QuickTicket, you will not be charged for any fare, tax, fee or surcharge increases made after the date of your QuickTicket purchase.

7. Non-Eligible Fees & Fares
QuickTix cannot be applied toward payment of excess baggage fees, pet fees, or other non-fare fees. QuickTix cannot be applied toward payment of government-fare bookings.

8. No Credit for Lower Fares
No refund or credit is available in cases where the published fare for a flight is lower than the retail price of the QuickTicket tendered in payment, nor in cases of fare, fee, tax or surcharge reductions subsequent to the purchase of the QuickTicket. You always retain the option of using a different method of payment for flights that are less expensive than your QuickTicket.